Karam Safety Goggles ES001

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Construction Workers Choice

 It is Frameless, Wraparound Spectacle for all Industrial Settings where Dust/Flying Particles Protection or Ultraviolet Protection is required. It provides Frontal, Lateral Impact Resistance Protection. Lens scale for clear lens is 3-1.2 It is hard Coated for Scratch Resistance. It has an anti fog coating for fog resistance. Resistance to Low Impact Energy of High-Speed Particles at Extremes of Temperature.

Features :

1. Material -Polycarbonate
2.It has clear lens
3. Light weight(26 gms), splash protection with excellent vision
4. Flexible temple with wrap-around design
5. Offers highest level of eye protection against particles

Benefits :

Protection from dust particles and UV rays.

Additional Information :

Optically tested, Conforms to EN166:2002, EN 167;2001 & EN 172:1994, EN 168:2001, ANSI 87.1-2010

Warranty and Guarantee:

All KARAM products bear 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects, applicable on Unused products, from the date of purchase.
However, KARAM shall not be liable for any accident or damage while the product is in use.


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